The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

From Our Readers…

from Lawdy Mama:

My perfect man: A man who has command of the English language.  As I am an equal opportunity dater I must say that if the man—perfect or otherwise—has an accent, I do not discriminate.  I may however encourage a list of phrases geared for me—spoken, whispered, into my ear, as well as loud enough to send the birds soaring from the trees. –Lawdy Mama

from KCgirl2:

The perfect man only exists in my mind, and this is how I see him: Massively intelligent, kind, generous, physically fit, financially secure, balanced. He’s creative, has an open mind, enjoys trying new things – including in the bedroom. He makes a great sous chef, likes to discuss books, current events, movies, and art. He thinks I’m a gift, and wants to know everything about me, but lets me have my secrets and mysteries. He knows how to kiss, and takes his time. He’s sexy and suggestive, but respects my moods. He can be pushy, but only is when he knows I want him to be. He can read my mind. He understands me and my body. He worships me the way a mortal worships a Goddess. He knows he is a better man because of my love, and makes me feel special because of his love. He inspires me to be a better person. He is a world class snuggler and cuddler, and is secure enough in his masculinity that he doesn’t need to prove it to anyone, including himself. And when he wraps me in his arms I feel as safe and secure as a child tucked in bed between her parents after a bad dream. He is confident. He is supportive. He is witty and funny and makes me laugh every day. He appreciates my twisted as well as my corny sense of humor. He packs gourmet picnic lunches and appreciates wine. He is strong. He carries me over puddles, and just for the fun of it. He smells good, even without cologne. He loves my body, just the way it is. He loves my mind just as much. He can’t get enough of me, but knows not to make a pest of himself so that I can miss him and long for him. He is a writer and loves to express his feelings to me in letters and poems, in the language of love, in touches, in gestures. He is a romantic, but in a manly way. He wants to make the world a better place and does what he can to leave a light foot print on the planet. He likes animals and respects all life. He believes that we all have a gift and purpose. He is spiritual but in a private, personal way. His life is a reflection of his beliefs and people genuinely love him because he is a good man. My perfect man has an accent and an enormous vocabulary, and knows more than I do. Our conversaions expand my mind, and keep my brain well oiled. He listens to me, respects my opinions, doesn’t need my agreement on all things, and lets me have time to be, to pursue my interests, to do girl things with my friends. My perfect man is in my head but will be a part of my life, because every manifestation begins with a thought. -KCgirl2

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